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Flixweed seeds

Flixweed seeds are kind of plant which grows in mountains. Flixweed seeds are available in two colors, red and brown, but the red seeds have a bitter taste. You are probably familiar with Flixweed because of its effect in quenching thirst, summer heat and treating constipation, but the properties of Flixweed seeds go beyond that and they are used in traditional medicine to treat many diseases. Here are benefits and harms of flixweed seeds.In Iran, Flixweed Seeds are transformed into a delightful syrup, capturing the essence of nature’s rightful concoction. In traditional medicine, Khakshir syrup is recommended to alleviate constipation and promote digestive health. Indulge in the tradition and taste of Iran with Khakshir syrup, one of the most cherished and delicious Iranian syrups.

 Flixweeds Benefits


  • Eliminating kidney stones

kidneys purify waste and excess body fluids, but sometimes these wastes accumulate in the kidneys and kidney stones form. Drinking Flixweed seeds and hedysarum syrup helps to eliminate kidney stones. Flixweed  is a natural diuretic and increases urine production, thus helping to eliminate toxins from the body and kidney stones. To prepare sorrel and hedysarum syrup, pour 3 tablespoons of hedysarum in a glass of water and strain this solution after 5 hours. Then add 2 tablespoons of Flixweed seeds. Drinking this tea daily helps to eliminate kidney stones in short period of time.


  • Eliminating bad breath

Bad breath is a problem that limits your presence in the community. Flixweed seeds can detoxify the body and help expel mucus from the respiratory system, thus eliminating bad breath. To treat bad breath, drink a glass of Flixweed seeds and hedysarum every evening.


  • Cleaning intestine

Diarrhea is one of the most common problems in the summer. Flixweed seeds can cleanse the intestines and kill bacteria that cause diarrhea. To treat diarrhea, make Flixweed seeds syrup with cold water and add some honey or sugar. Drinking this syrup every two hours helps to treat diarrhea.


  • Treating constipation

When intestine movements are reduced or irregular. In traditional medicine, it is recommended to drink flixweed seeds syrup to treat constipation. Flixweed seeds syrup, if made with warm water, has laxative properties and is useful for treating constipation. Combine two tablespoons of flixweed seeds with a glass of warm water and drink a glass of this syrup every morning and night.


  • Treating inflammation of urinary tract and kidney

Flixweed seeds can eliminate inflammation of the urinary tract and kidneys, few people know about the properties of flixweed seeds for treating inflammation of urinary tract and kidneys. To solve this problem, drink 4 to 5 glasses of flixweed  and oxymel syrup daily.



  • Being good for children

Use of flixweed syrup is a natural way to treat constipation in children. Of course, the use of flixweed is not recommended for children under three years old. If you want to give flixweed seeds to these children, pass the flixweed syrup through a strainer and give the water to your child. In addition, be sure to consult a doctor before giving flixweed syrup to children under three years old.


  • Treating fever and colds

Flixweed has antibacterial properties and it helps the body fight diseases such as colds. It is also cold temperament, so it cools the body and lowers fever.


  • Treating acne

Flixweed has antibacterial properties, cleanses the skin and eliminates pimples. To treat pimples, drink flixweed syrup, fumitory water and chicory juice for at least 3 weeks. To make this syrup, combine 2 tablespoons of flixweed seeds with half a glass of fumitory water  and half a glass of chicory juice.


  • Treating skin’s blemishes

Our skin exposed the environment more than other parts of the body.  Drink a glass of hedysarum and flixweed syrup daily to remove blemishes on the face. Continuous consumption of this syrup for 3 weeks helps to eliminate skin’s blemishes.


  • Treating dandruff

in traditional medicine The cause of dandruff is considered to be liver dysfunction. If the liver is not able to excrete waste products in the usual ways, it may excrete these substances in unusual ways such as the scalp, resulting in dandruff. Consumption of flixweed improves liver function and helps treat dandruff. To treat dandruff, drink 2-3 glasses of flixweed syrup daily.


  • Assisting natural birth

Consumption of flixweed seeds in late pregnancy helps to open the cervix and facilitates the process of natural childbirth.


  • Helping for both gaining and losing weight

If you are looking for an effective way to gain weight, drink a glass of flixweed syrup and milk every morning for breakfast. This syrup strengthens the stomach and increases appetite, thus helping to treat weight loss and its consumption gradually leads to weight gain. To lose weight, dissolve a tablespoon of flixweed seeds in a glass of lukewarm water every morning for breakfast, sweeten it and drink it.


  • Quenching thirst

One of the best benefits of flixweed seed is quenching thirst. Drinking flixweed syrup can provide the human body with its needed water.



  • Excessive consumption of flixweed seeds can cause bloating during the breastfeeding in mother and her baby.
  • Excessive consumption of flixweed seeds can cause diarrhea in humans.
  • Don’t use flixweed seeds if you are clod tempered. Try to use it with honey.

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